Ariel: Beautiful Everwinter(seizure warning)

   Beautiful Everwinter, a stunning theme park, with something for the whole family. 

With charming locals,

everwinter_001 everwinter_018

Adorable children,

everwinter_002 everwinter_008

Irresistible snacks

everwinter_007 everwinter_011

Gorgeous sites

everwinter_003 everwinter_017

And of course, the beautiful theme park itself.

everwinter_004 everwinter_005 everwinter_006

It even has it’s own beach!

everwinter_022 everwinter_023

And Mickey!


What more could be done to make me feel at home?

everwinter_009 everwinter_012 everwinter_014

Want to experience it for yourself? Then come visit beautiful Everwinter!:



Ariel: One with the wind and sky

For Elsa I didn’t really have a Frozen inspired concept, but did a Victorian gothic look.

In the Han Christian Andersen Snow Queen, Kay’s eye freezes. But Elsa’s eyes are already an ice blue, so I have one dark grey eye instead. (Also Anna has one icy eye)

The necklace that I’m wearing for this outfit is called “Deathly Queen”. And Anna is wearing “Deathly Princess”. You get it?

Snapshot_025   Snapshot_032  Snapshot_044  Snapshot_036  Snapshot_020  Snapshot_042  Snapshot_028  Snapshot_035

Eyes: Chus! Poppet Lenses – in Ghost and Ice(Marketplace)
Hair: [elikatira] – Chantal(Hair Fair)
Skin: Pink Fuel – Harley – Cyrstal(Group Gift)
Makeup – ATIA’s Swag Bag – Wicked Semi-Frost Lips(Marketplace)/Passion Tattos – Cat-eyeliner(Marketplace)/And again my lashes are by lumae
Half Jacket: Lar’s Workshop – Goth Top – Ash(In world)
Dress: I got it from “The World Of Hogwarts”( for 12 Days of Chritmas Hunt, and I am wearing Ravenclaw (though I’m a Slytherin)
Jewelry: “-:RJ:-” Engraved Coat of Arms Signet Ring(Marketplace)/Empyrean Forge- reverie ring gold edition(In World)/Clairity Moon~Deathly Queen~Collar(in world)/KK – Bringer of Death – Earrings and necklace
Shoes: KK – Bringer of Death – slink high boots
Nails: Tori-Tastic – Canival Stripe Nails – Grey(In world)

Elsa-frozen-34987789-500-200 Frozen-Elsa-Gif-elsa-queen-frozen-38362046-298-489 Frozen-image-frozen-36797798-500-300 Elsa-the-Snow-Queen-frozen-36835867-245-343 Elsa-disney-frozen-34977232-500-281 1eb5f-elsa-frozen-68906 let-it-go-gif-elsa-frozen

Ariel: Frozen heart

This is my first post going solo, and I thought it would be fun to Disney Bound as my fellow Angels.

I did freezing Anna, and I know it probably would have come off as freezing Anna if my braids were white instead of purple, but I like this color more.

Anna seems like the type of gal to wear gloves to keep her hands warm, but forgets to put her shoes on.

And she’s dressed like a cat because…why not.

Snapshot_006  Snapshot_046   Snapshot_047  Snapshot_013  Snapshot_017  Snapshot_019  Snapshot_018  Snapshot_009

Freezing Anna:

Eyes: Chus! Poppet Lenses – in Ice and Sea(Marketplace)
Hair: MaiOwn! – Angel(Hair Fair)
Skin: Pink Fuel – Harley – Cyrstal(Group Gift)
Lashes: Lumae(they come with pretty mutch all Lumae skin)
Dress: !Soul ~ 2 Mesh Dresses Blue-Purple – Blue, for those who are color blind.(Marketplace)/Curious Kitties – Simple black tupe top(Markeyplace)
Jewelry: ::C’est la vie!:: – Manon Ring – Blue(Chapter Four)/Clairity Moon – Deathly Princess~Collar(In world)
Kitty stuff: !Oleander ~ Glitter Kitty Nose – Black(Hair Fair)/pr!tty – Pearly Meowy -{Headband Fatpack} -[1](Hair Fair)
Danaelion: no.match_ ~ Dandelion(Hair Fair)
Gauntlets: **UrbanStreet** ArmGloves – SquareBlk(In World)
Slink: Feet Female High/Hands Female Casual(and my nails are set to purple)(In World)

Frozen-Anna-cold  anna-frozen-o  Frozen-image-frozen-36797802-500-200  8fbccfd5c9bf8b3b39b3b277c43badbb  anna-disney-frozen-gif-Favim_com-1643175  tumblr_n0c8eyo2Au1qhiczbo1_r1_500

Ariel: So soon, I’ll find myself alone

To, relax and fade away

My fellow Angels have been feeling uninspired lately, so I’m flying solo (or should I say swimming solo? Wink wink) for the next few posts.

It will probably take me a little longer, cause I’m not as good at the writing and photography. But, when the other Angels check out the page, there’ll be some new ideas for them.

So, let’s see if I can inspire.

tumblr_nmwybwBF7M1ts1i17o1_500  Little-Mermaid-GIF_Ursula_Morning-

Do you, know what’s coming down,

Do you, know I couldn’t stay, free?

Why is a raven like a writing desk?

Can you feel yourself slowly losing your grip on reality? Then you might want to take a look around you, cause you might be falling down a rabbit hole.

Well what does one do when one has gone mad? I’ll start at the beginning, and when I when get to the end, stop.


No, being mad doesn’t come easy. But good things rarely do.


… where is my mind, where is my mind, where, is, my, mind?..

Well alright then…

Pink Farte



[PF] Harley v2 – SPECIAL FATPACK – she’s wearing the sheer gloss in “dark coral”, the button nose + freckles, and the blush in pink, and the skin – Pink Fuel group notices
[HG] Free Eyes set – in “Lightblue” – Marketplace
Wayward Hunt 4/17/15- [^.^Ayashi^.^] Alice hair – WAYWARD HUNT
beauty by alaskametro Outfit;
alaskametro<3 “Alexa” metallic flats – black pearl – Marketplace
+ black moon + Cutie Bats Dress FATPACK ( in “Blue” ) – SPOOKY CUTE
Sweet Evil – Cutie Socks.FATPACK – SPOOKY CUTE
Magicland 2015 Easter Egg  #9 – Cheshire Cat Bracelet – Magicland Easter Hunt

Nivens McTwisp (A.K.A The White Rabbit):

.Birdy. Elsa Skin  VIP xmas gift <3(Main store)
[PF] Harley Cosmetics – Lipstick (Cherry)(Group gift)
[PF] Harley v2 – SPECIAL FATPACK (freckles across nose)(Group gift)
Valentine’s day _ FREE red EYES(Marketplace)
*Dura* Chistmas G-gift 2014(Main store)
[ RADEON AUTOMATIC ] Clockwork ring(Marketplace)
Lumae :: Eyelashes // Normal(Comes with every skin)
MI960341 MI Woman’s Steampunk Tail Coat(Marketplace)
12 Days of Christmas Hunt Box (White Lace Dress) (Ravenclaw)(World of Hogwarts)
*318* School Tights Black(Marketplace)
Selfie! Easter Gift 2015 (Headband)(Marketplace)

**JPK Steampunk Compass Clock Necklace (Gift) BOX(Marketplace)

Mad Hatter:

Eyes: Chus! Poppet Lens – in ice and lilac(Marketplace)/Pink Fuel – shimmer eyeshadow- bandit(Group gift)
Hair: Analog dog- AD- cointreau fitted- light browns(Main store)
Lips: beauty by alaskametro Dress: Mumuhime Clothing – Kreepy Kasumi lolita dress(Spooky Cute event)/ MUTE arte virtual black mesh corset (the collar of the dress)(Marketplace)
Arm things: BlakOpal HakeWorth Lady lace cuff(I think Marketplace)/ Bitter Bunny Bloodsucker-fishnet gloves(Mainstore, but I don’t think they still have one)
Nails/hands/jewelry: Akid torotoro nails(green and turquoise)(Marketplace)/
TAOX bad cat hand tattoo applier(Marketplace)/ Pretty Kitties- mad hatter bow(Main store, I think)/ Empyrean Forge- reverie ring gold edition(In world, not sure, think it might have been an event)/Pink Acid- Royalty Kingdom Double Stone Cuil Ring – silver(The Chapter Four)/ Clairity Moon- I’ve got my eye on you ring(Main store)
Stockings: (Initial oufits) Clubgoer female pants/ */Ame Design*/- socks(Marketplace)
Shoes: ::7Stle::- Taile Shoes(it comes with a black set and a white set)(The Chapter Four
Hat:(Initial outfits) Male steampunk hat

tumblr_lgipdsHGgR1qdzruho1_500 giphy alice-in-wonderland-gif-Favim_com-1200111 alice-in-wonderland-disney-Favim_com-369545 giphysdfghjkl

We’re all mad here, no need to feel self conscious.

About Me; Ariel

Hi, I’m Ariel. I’ve been called weird before, and sometimes even creepy. But who hasn’t right?


I suggest like a million things for the blog (and like 90% of them get turned down.) And try to get us to try new ideas (which isn’t always easy with three different kinds of people.) It’s like I tell the elves living between my ears: sometimes it’s good to flex your thinking muscle.

So here’s a peak into the raging storm inside my head, good luck getting out.


What would you say is your main style?; Kinda dark, but spunky(what else can I say, I’m not that great at describing my style.)

What’s your favorite Disney movie?; The Little Mermaid, Mulan, Brave, The Hunchback Notre Dame, Pirates of the Caribbean (just to name a few.)

Favorite Disney princess(es)?;Well this one might come as a shocker but, Ariel, Mulan, Merida (I know, I put so much thought into those answers.) P.S: I always thought it was weird that Nala isn’t considered a princess.

And prince(es)?;  Beast (because of his sheer awesomeness), Flyngene A.K.A: Flynn/Eugene, Eric, and Kristoff Bjorgman (the other girls would beat me to a pulp if I didn’t include him.)

Favorite Disney sidekick?;  Oh gee, where to start? Well, I could give a very long list of my favorite. But I think it would just be easier to say that just about all of them. What’s not to like?

 Ursula, Dr. Facilier, Maleficent,(pretty much any of the magical bad guys.) But not the creeps like Gaston, ick.

Favorite Disney song?; Disney’s masterpiece, that has captured the world’s heart with it’s deep and insightful lyrics: Fred’s Angels (please hold your applause.)
Favorite thing in your inventory?; Currently, my SLink (in particular my feet), my heart corset, my green skin, my collection of rings, and my olive jar hair.
Favorite TV show(s)?; Orphan Black, Once Upon a Time (Captain Swan forever), Mysteries at the Museum, Oddities, Grimm.

Favorite non-Disney movie?; Underworld, Daybreakers, Real Genius, and any of the “quality works of film” that the Syfy channel produces.

Favorite season?; Fall and winter, the cold never bothered me. But the hot did. Like, a lot.

Introverted or Extroverted?; Introverted. You have no idea how much time and mental energy was put into trying to make this look nice. It still might suck, but at least know that the attempt was made.


About me; Princess Anna!

Oh, wow, hi there! I’m Anna, and this is my very first post about me! Yep, it’s just me.


Now, being-in-character aside, I’m overly talkative/chatty or whatever other word there is for it, and I’m quirky and clumsy and a total dork. But, like Anna, I think family, love, kindness, and trust are probably the most important things on the entire face of the planet. And also chocolate is important, but.. you know, not everyone thinks so, I guess.


What would you say is your main style?; Pretty much anything girly, or quirky, or cutesy, or just something unique. I also really love sweaters, scarves, dresses, and shoes in general. I’d have to say that my favorite kind of clothing, like, color scheme, would be bright colors, darker colors, pastels, stripes, spots– I have so many favorite prints.. Which, they probably all clash but.. That’s okay.

What’s your favorite Disney movie?; You see, I’m not even sure that that’s a fair question because I have so many. But, to be honest, I would definitely say Frozen has had the biggest impact on my life.

Favorite Disney princess(es)?; Well, definitely Anna. It’s nice to have a Disney princess who’s quirky and clumsy and awkward and talkative, because I haven’t really seen anyone quite like her. But, I also definitely love Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Snow White, Tiana, Rapunzel, and Merida.

And prince(es)?; You see, I’m not too big of a fan of the first few princes, but if you’re considering Kristoff a prince, then Kristoff. He’s so dorky and adorable, and probably one of the best characters of all time. I love that, in a way I think, love changed him and made him more.. Kinder? Although, I mean, I think that he was probably pretending to be this big, grumpy, tough guy. My other favorites, though, would be The Beast, Aladdin, Eric, and Eugene.

Favorite Disney sidekick?;  Man, that’s definitely a toughie. But, I have to choose, so I’m going to say probably Sven or Pascal. I also love Maximus, Olaf, and Flounder.

Favorite Disney villain?; You see, I really don’t understand questions like this at all, because I’m terrified of all the villains. But, I’d have to say the coolest/least terrifying would be Dr. Facilier or Ursula. I think my all-time favorite is Ursula, though. The scariest/evilest would have to be Prince Hans, Lady Tremaine, Mother Gothel, Frollo, oooor Jafar. Gaston also creeps me out to no ends. Who follows some girl around all through the town? Or plans a wedding before purposing? #desperate

Favorite Disney song?; Wow. Okay. I’m going to try my hardest to narrow this down.

  1. Fixer Upper. I think it’s really important to love someone for all they are, with all their flaws and imperfections. Flaws are what make us.. us. And, also, I think they both really fell in love at that scene. So, of course it’ll be one of my favorites.
  2. Let it Go. I know, I know, you hear that all the time. But I love that she can finally accept herself for all that she is.
  3. For the First Time in Forever. Because it’s a song about finally reaching what you’ve wanted for.. basically your whole life. And I think that is so beautiful.
  4. Part of Your World. I can totally relate to wanting something more than you have, and wanting to be where the people are. I mean, I want to be at Disney World for my whole life so that’s… kind of the same thing?
  5. And, surprise surprise, another Frozen song. Do You Want to Build a Snowmaaaan? I can totally understand just wanting to be close to your sister/brother/whoever and having them kind of ignore you. Or if you just really want to build a snowman.
  6. Something There is definitely one of my all-time favorite Disney love songs. I just think it’s soo incredibly sweet

Favorite thing in your inventory?; My hair, my skin, or any of my SLink. *dreamy sigh*

Favorite TV show(s)?; Once Upon a Time is something that has kind of taken over my life. I’m definitely a Captain Swanner. I also L-O-V-E Glee, even though it’s unfortunately not with us anymore. I also love any show that has to do with things paranormal.

Favorite non-Disney movie?; Clueless, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Psycho, and Valentine’s Day, from what I can remember. I also love rom-coms, and really bad Lifetime and Syfy movies. #sorrynotsorry

Favorite season?; I love Spring to no ends… Except, okay, maybe the whole “getting sick every other Wednesday” thing isn’t so fun.

Introverted or Extroverted?; Overly extroverted, not going to lie.

Anna-frozen-34901175-500-191 frozen-anna-statue-hurl

About Me; Queen Elsa

Hello, I am Queen Elsa. This entry will definitely not be as long as some ginger’s I know, but I hope it’ll be informative to a certain extent. Maybe you’ll agree, or disagree, or maybe you’ll end up completely hating me. But, I’m not sure I care too much. Because this is me.


Winter Watt_007_001

Winter Watt_003Winter Watt_004Winter Watt_001Winter Watt_006Winter Watt_005Winter Watt_002

What would you say is your main style?; Elegant and sleek, with touches of ice and snow. I like things that are simple with just enough… magic.

What’s your favorite Disney movie?; Frozen, Big hero 6, Live Action Cinderella.

Favorite Disney Princess(es)?; Anna, Tiana, Rapunzel, Snow White, Cinderella, Mulan, Basically All of them.

And Prince(es)?; Kristoff Bjorgman, Flynn Rider, Aladdin.

Favorite Disney sidekick?; Sven.

Favorite Disney Villain?; Hans.

Favorite Disney song?; Let it Go.
Favorite thing in your inventory?; Probably my Slink Feet or Slink Hands or maybe my Skin.
Favorite TV show(s)?; Glee, Once Upon a Time.
Favorite non-Disney movie?; Are you sure they have to be non-Disney?
Favorite season?; Winter.
Introverted or Extroverted?; Introverted.