Why is a raven like a writing desk?

Can you feel yourself slowly losing your grip on reality? Then you might want to take a look around you, cause you might be falling down a rabbit hole.

Well what does one do when one has gone mad? I’ll start at the beginning, and when I when get to the end, stop.


No, being mad doesn’t come easy. But good things rarely do.


… where is my mind, where is my mind, where, is, my, mind?..

Well alright then…

Pink Farte



[PF] Harley v2 – SPECIAL FATPACK – she’s wearing the sheer gloss in “dark coral”, the button nose + freckles, and the blush in pink, and the skin – Pink Fuel group notices
[HG] Free Eyes set – in “Lightblue” – Marketplace
Wayward Hunt 4/17/15- [^.^Ayashi^.^] Alice hair – WAYWARD HUNT
beauty by alaskametro Outfit;
alaskametro<3 “Alexa” metallic flats – black pearl – Marketplace
+ black moon + Cutie Bats Dress FATPACK ( in “Blue” ) – SPOOKY CUTE
Sweet Evil – Cutie Socks.FATPACK – SPOOKY CUTE
Magicland 2015 Easter Egg  #9 – Cheshire Cat Bracelet – Magicland Easter Hunt

Nivens McTwisp (A.K.A The White Rabbit):

.Birdy. Elsa Skin  VIP xmas gift <3(Main store)
[PF] Harley Cosmetics – Lipstick (Cherry)(Group gift)
[PF] Harley v2 – SPECIAL FATPACK (freckles across nose)(Group gift)
Valentine’s day _ FREE red EYES(Marketplace)
*Dura* Chistmas G-gift 2014(Main store)
[ RADEON AUTOMATIC ] Clockwork ring(Marketplace)
Lumae :: Eyelashes // Normal(Comes with every skin)
MI960341 MI Woman’s Steampunk Tail Coat(Marketplace)
12 Days of Christmas Hunt Box (White Lace Dress) (Ravenclaw)(World of Hogwarts)
*318* School Tights Black(Marketplace)
Selfie! Easter Gift 2015 (Headband)(Marketplace)

**JPK Steampunk Compass Clock Necklace (Gift) BOX(Marketplace)

Mad Hatter:

Eyes: Chus! Poppet Lens – in ice and lilac(Marketplace)/Pink Fuel – shimmer eyeshadow- bandit(Group gift)
Hair: Analog dog- AD- cointreau fitted- light browns(Main store)
Lips: beauty by alaskametro Dress: Mumuhime Clothing – Kreepy Kasumi lolita dress(Spooky Cute event)/ MUTE arte virtual black mesh corset (the collar of the dress)(Marketplace)
Arm things: BlakOpal HakeWorth Lady lace cuff(I think Marketplace)/ Bitter Bunny Bloodsucker-fishnet gloves(Mainstore, but I don’t think they still have one)
Nails/hands/jewelry: Akid torotoro nails(green and turquoise)(Marketplace)/
TAOX bad cat hand tattoo applier(Marketplace)/ Pretty Kitties- mad hatter bow(Main store, I think)/ Empyrean Forge- reverie ring gold edition(In world, not sure, think it might have been an event)/Pink Acid- Royalty Kingdom Double Stone Cuil Ring – silver(The Chapter Four)/ Clairity Moon- I’ve got my eye on you ring(Main store)
Stockings: (Initial oufits) Clubgoer female pants/ */Ame Design*/- socks(Marketplace)
Shoes: ::7Stle::- Taile Shoes(it comes with a black set and a white set)(The Chapter Four
Hat:(Initial outfits) Male steampunk hat

tumblr_lgipdsHGgR1qdzruho1_500 giphy alice-in-wonderland-gif-Favim_com-1200111 alice-in-wonderland-disney-Favim_com-369545 giphysdfghjkl

We’re all mad here, no need to feel self conscious.


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