Ariel: One with the wind and sky

For Elsa I didn’t really have a Frozen inspired concept, but did a Victorian gothic look.

In the Han Christian Andersen Snow Queen, Kay’s eye freezes. But Elsa’s eyes are already an ice blue, so I have one dark grey eye instead. (Also Anna has one icy eye)

The necklace that I’m wearing for this outfit is called “Deathly Queen”. And Anna is wearing “Deathly Princess”. You get it?

Snapshot_025   Snapshot_032  Snapshot_044  Snapshot_036  Snapshot_020  Snapshot_042  Snapshot_028  Snapshot_035

Eyes: Chus! Poppet Lenses – in Ghost and Ice(Marketplace)
Hair: [elikatira] – Chantal(Hair Fair)
Skin: Pink Fuel – Harley – Cyrstal(Group Gift)
Makeup – ATIA’s Swag Bag – Wicked Semi-Frost Lips(Marketplace)/Passion Tattos – Cat-eyeliner(Marketplace)/And again my lashes are by lumae
Half Jacket: Lar’s Workshop – Goth Top – Ash(In world)
Dress: I got it from “The World Of Hogwarts”( for 12 Days of Chritmas Hunt, and I am wearing Ravenclaw (though I’m a Slytherin)
Jewelry: “-:RJ:-” Engraved Coat of Arms Signet Ring(Marketplace)/Empyrean Forge- reverie ring gold edition(In World)/Clairity Moon~Deathly Queen~Collar(in world)/KK – Bringer of Death – Earrings and necklace
Shoes: KK – Bringer of Death – slink high boots
Nails: Tori-Tastic – Canival Stripe Nails – Grey(In world)

Elsa-frozen-34987789-500-200 Frozen-Elsa-Gif-elsa-queen-frozen-38362046-298-489 Frozen-image-frozen-36797798-500-300 Elsa-the-Snow-Queen-frozen-36835867-245-343 Elsa-disney-frozen-34977232-500-281 1eb5f-elsa-frozen-68906 let-it-go-gif-elsa-frozen


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